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Real money online casinos currently accepting deposit by Bitcoin.


SlotO’Cash is a popular Realtime Gaming online casino that is currently accepting deposits by Bitcoin.

Bovada Casino

Bovada is a popular RTG, Rival and Betsoft powered casino that is currently accepting deposits by Bitcoin.

Uptown Aces

Uptown Aces is a popular Realtime Gaming online casino that is currently accepting deposits by Bitcoin. is a popular RTG, Rival and Betsoft powered casino that is currently accepting deposits by Bitcoin.

Picture this: You want to send money to someone, receive money, or just hang out and play a fun game at one of your favorite online casinos. You decide to do the paid games because you were really feeling you would win, and you were right: you won!

So then you go to cash out, but realize that due to political changes or policies that the casino had no control over, the politicians and laws suddenly prevent you from being able to withdraw. What do you do? If you’re lucky, you might still get them to send you a check somehow or send it via Western Union, but even Western Union is restricted sometimes and if you’ve ever dealt with them over the phone, you know that they’re not as nice or as competent as doing business with them at one of their branches and locations. Even if you do, there is no guarantee that they can even still get it to you if the company is not allowed to send or receive funds through Western Union due to current events and relations between countries which may place sanctions upon one another.

If that were to happen, it would not be your fault, and it would not be your casino’s fault, either. It would most certainly be the government’s fault at that point, but you know that they aren’t going to help get you your money like your casino would. What could you have done to get around government red tape and issues on these things?

You should have used bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been around for quite some time, but just like cash, the banking industry and others who support it did not want people to know of it. The only kind of press or media attention that bitcoin received for people in the public to know of it at first were stories about Silk Road and how it was used to do activities in the past that were not quite legal.

Isn’t it ironic how the news media never seems to mention how cash, which has been around for over 100 years officially and is the note and emblem of their financial empire, is never mentioned once in a negative fashion, despite most illegal activities happening in cash? Funny how that works…

Bitcoin is perfectly legal, perfectly safe, and a wonderful alternative to the current system of bank control over your cash money electronically.



In fact, bitcoin is a deregulated form of global currency that exists to give YOU the power to control your own money and finances both physically and electronically, and to become your own bank in a way that no one can take that power or control away from you.

You’ve seen the banks make your friends and family members go negative in their accounts before. The “monthly fees”, the “overdraft charges”, the “bounced check fees” that cost more than pizza delivery when you’re 1 cent overdrawn…yeah. Those little games they play to make money at the expense and peril of people like you and I who are just trying to have a safe place to store our money. It isn’t right for them to do that to us, is it?

The people who made and developed Bitcoin believed you deserve better, and they still do. No fees, no games, no gimmicks, no middle-men. Just direct electronic transfer of money to who you need it to go to, and receiving that money securely when someone pays it to you, without anyone else being able to get in the way.

Just like cash, but globally and digitally.

How Bitcoin Works

& why one would use it.

Bitcoin works by using a decentralized blockchain, which is the equivalent of an encrypted ledger. Each transaction is heavily encrypted and sent to and from ALL of the servers in the world that run bitcoin freely. These servers maintain multiple copies of every updated transaction, and add the newly encrypted data for each transaction to the end of it on the blockchain.

That chain is updated and synchronized with every major system in a way that not even the current world banks can do, and it only takes a matter of hours or minutes to send money anywhere in the world, to any address of anyone you choose, with or without any requirements or restrictions whatsoever. The only thing that person needs is a bitcoin wallet or address, which can instantly be created for free at any time and used anywhere and everywhere in the world without restriction.

You have the choice of using a bitcoin wallet online with a secure exchange, or by running your own private server and creating your own bitcoin address that way. Either one is sufficient and works. I’ve done both, and although I still use a private server, there are times that I decide to use my hosted wallets instead with companies like Coinbase and others, because they are always online and will work a little faster at sending and receiving money for me. They may charge a few cents for their convenience of doing it faster, but unlike Paypal and others, they are not going to charge me dollars or large percentages, and they will not hold any of it in “escrow” to make money off of in interest, nor will they keep it from being there in a matter of hours.

Some may wonder why you would want to use bitcoin in the United States and other countries that support it locally for transactions as opposed to a bank ACH transfer where the laws would not limit you from doing so as they might with online transfers through companies and to or from different countries. Even though you could choose something else, you would want to use Bitcoin still if you can.

There are a few reasons, but one of the best is that an ACH takes days to clear instead of minutes. In large amounts, some ACH transfers need “approval” or can get “stuck” in some bank systems for verification. When the ACH amount is too large, it has to be sent as a wire transfer which is faster, but has other rules, restrictions, and fees to go with it. Who wants or needs those hassles from a bank anymore?!


With Bitcoin, you have your money in hours or minutes and without the fees. Anywhere.


There’s no “getting stuck” in front of a teller or bank manager for days at a time, and because it is instantly encrypted and sent to and from where it needs to be globally, there is a perpetual ledger that is instantly updated which ensures that your money will be available to you as soon as enough servers have received the update to the blockchain and your encrypted transfer.


There are no banks to interfere, no tellers or bank managers to play games, no financial institutions or greedy people to make money off of you or make you wait for funds…there isn’t any of that. It’s just direct, to the point, and without restriction.

Normally, every casino has to abide by laws and rules just like other businesses do for their patrons, and that includes online casinos, too. They are just as serious and legitimate as the brick and mortar casinos in Las Vegas and other places, but they have a special advantage of being able to offer the fun to you in a digital way. Casinos always have to make sure that they do the right thing by their patrons (you and I), so they don’t try to make waves or go against the grain too much when it comes to financial matters. However, with the advent of bitcoin…they never have to.

Bitcoin lets casino players and casino owners alike happily send and receive money whenever and wherever they need to, without ever having crossed the laws that are in place for the other methods of payment. They still do adhere to those laws and will continue to do so, but they also give you the right to use bitcoin to fund your deposits and make withdrawals.

When you use bitcoin, you’re able to both send and receive from any casino in the world, just as you would be able to with any bank or business in any country of the world who supports it.


For Example

For example, if you are playing at a casino in an Asian country but live in another part of the world such as Saudi Arabia, and for some strange reason that particular place in Asia is not allowed to send money through normal systems to or from the people in Saudi Arabia, it should not be the PEOPLE who have to go without their money or be harmed by those last-minute decisions in government. If you use bitcoin and want to transfer or receive money, you can still do so. And in some cases, it may be the only way to.

The reason this method is legal for almost every country is that none of the rules in them strictly prohibit or forbid it since it is not hosted in any one place as any specific governing body.


Flexibility of Bitcoin

Those who have used Bitcoin and become used to doing so have come to love and appreciate the flexibility, versatility, and universal nature of it all. In the United States, the only successful restriction on it thus far is that the IRS tries to treat bitcoin as a form of property (even though they do not have the right to do that because it is not a physical property or form of it at all). That being said, the only way it can even be enforced is for them to know of it and prove that an exchange was made, which is only going to happen in large amounts and if (and only if) they are made aware of it directly or indirectly.


The financial system for a bitcoin network is entirely distributed, much like a torrent file would be, and although it can only be sent or received to the intended party, it has no one overseeing it who can be held responsible for it by law.

Governments have tried to implement control over it, and the US has even attempted to turn it into more of their own electronic forms of payment that none of us like and want to get away from. They’ve only partially succeeded on that, if that. As it stands today, it is a robust, secure, and extremely powerful global payment system that can be used by anyone and become anything you want it to be.

  • Alternative Currency

If you are using it as an alternative form of currency for use with merchants, they cannot enforce their restriction because for property to be taxed, you have to own it for a certain period of time and have made the knowledge of your ownership public to them. If you decide to use it for funding or receiving money from casinos and other fun places online, it is advised to either convert it back to physical dollars safely or to keep it in “cold storage”.

  • Cold Storage

Cold storage is a physical print-out of the bitcoin address information and the encrypted data for the transaction on the universal and ever-growing blockchain. Somewhere between a traveler’s check and cash. Just like cash, it returns to use when presented, and like a traveler’s check in digital form, once you input the printed-out data back onto a wallet for the blockchain to recognize you once again as having “deposited” it, it becomes real money once more and instantly available through your online wallet on the encrypted global monetary system.

  • Bitcoin Wallet

You can use any wallet address you like to send money from, or receive money to. You can even use an even distribution between saving to a wallet and server that you own and run privately, and between online wallets that are managed and encrypted for your convenience if you would like to have extra privacy and freedom even beyond what is normally afforded by using it.

  • Bitcoin for Casinos

So if you decide to use bitcoin for casino deposits and cashouts, you can now do so for ANY casino that supports this and be ok to do so, even with some casinos that may not support a specific location. Please check with that casino in advance just to make sure this is always ok with them, but if the laws or rules ever change someday locally where they are, they will always be able and willing to legally help you get your money back through bitcoin. That’s more than Western Union, Paypal, or any of the Federal Reserve Banks will do combined in most cases.

Although the banking system sees Bitcoin as a threat to their empire, it can also be used to assist anyone who has a bank account (or more than one) to simplify electronic transfers and to make funding and universal payments easier than any online service the bank or other 3rd party might provide. And best of all, did I mention it is free? If not…it’s FREE!

If you’d like to give Bitcoin a chance and are in the United States, one of the best places to get started and create a free wallet to send and receive money with that has several great features and services available for you is Coinbase:

You can also get started with another free service called MyWallet:

Or another free service which is trusted and safe to use called StrongCoin, with over 50,000 members in excellent standing:

If you are in Asia, you can buy or sell bitcoin or store it safely in any of the online wallets provided for free by these companies:

CoinHako (Supports China, Japan, and most parts of Asia. It’s based in Singapore, and has excellent customer support both online and via phone):

OkCoin (One of the leading bitcoin buying and selling exchanges for both Chinese residents and citizens throughout Asia):

Huobi is exclusively for China but may serve other parts of Asia as well:

BTC China. As their company name says directly, they buy and sell BTC for China, may serve most Asian countries, and have secure bitcoin wallets available for their users here:

Quoine is an exchange that offers free wallets, mostly for trading with Bitcoin on their exchange. They do let their user’s trade bitcoin in Japanese Yen as well as US Dollars and serve Asia including all of Indonesia. Please be aware that they do NOT support US customers at this time. So be sure to use this one only if you are in Asia, or more specifically, in China, Japan, or surrounding areas. They are a good and stable exchange and have secure wallets, but they can only serve clientele in Asia at this time with them:

If you’re looking to buy bitcoin or have a wallet specifically in Taiwan, then you may want to use BitoEX which can be found here:

Or, you may like MaiCoin, which is also in Taiwan and boasts the support of having over 130 financial institutions backing them with access to 30,000 ATMs for use to use with their service!

If in Hong Kong, you’ll find these two to be good choices for you:


For the people of Japan, I would highly recommend Kraken as one of the very best for you:

(Note: Kraken is MASSIVE! They are based in the US, but they serve Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, Romania, most of Europe and the Americas, too! If in doubt, check them out!)

Although Quoine serves Indonesia completely, one of the best choices to buy and sell bitcoin there and have a free online wallet is

For our friends in the Philippines, one of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin (and to pay bills or reload your phone) is a site called which you can visit with this link:

If you’re in the Philippines and just want to buy bitcoin a little faster, you may also like

For the people of Malaysia, you will find these two services to be efficient and just what you need to store bitcoin and also to buy and sell it:


In South Korea, you can use Korbit to buy and sell bitcoin, or have a personal wallet:

Another good place to buy and sell bitcoin and get a wallet from is Coinplug if you live in Korea:

As for the good people of India, you have quite a few more choices here:

UnoCoin is one of the most popular choices in your country for Bitcoin, and they have free wallets for everyone who needs one:

BTC X India is another popular place to buy and sell bitcoin for you and have a bitcoin wallet online. It is both an exchange and a buying/selling spot for all people in India:

If you prefer to use a service that is mostly mobile-based in India, then you will like the newer Zebpay service (available for both Android and iPhone) which replaced here:

(ZebPay still lets you buy and sell bitcoin and works just as the old site did, but it is under new ownership, new name, and mobile-focused now. I would recommend the other two above if you are looking at having something that works well universally, but if you will be using a mobile phone more than not, then ZebPay would be a good service if you are using your phone mostly)

My friends in Russia, I understand that it is difficult to buy bitcoins, and equally so to sell unless to friends in other places. Although the laws on this are ever-changing due to very important issues going on in the world, I have found that at the time of this article being made, it was not allowable to get bitcoin in your country. If this changes, please make mention or notification of it. Until it does, I have also found that it is still legal (at the time of this article being here for you) to buy bitcoin locally without doing so electronically, since the ban is on digital sales. If you feel that you would like to learn more about this just to be aware of and have knowledge of it, this site is one way to learn more about what is going on:

If you are located in Africa or South Africa, I have found 3 places which serve you to let you buy and sell bitcoin there. These are as follows:
1) ICE3X:
2) AltCoinTrader:
3) BitX:

Whew. That’s not even the complete list! The above listed are just some of the better ones and most trusted that I know of personally or others I know living in other parts of the world have used for their bitcoin needs. You have A LOT of options out there to obtain bitcoin and use it anywhere, anytime, and for any business or personal use that you like!

Buying and selling bitcoin should always be done in a legal manner. The entire point of using it is to give everyone the right to buy and sell in the best ways possible without anything taking away from progress and successful transactions. Before making an official decision or purchase if you reside in an unknown country or territory, if may be best to reference this wikipedia article which will help you to see the most current events and laws for each country on Bitcoin as it stands today, even beyond the time of this article or if it ever needs an update later. This is the wiki for current bitcoin regulations by country:

Sometimes Wikipedia takes a while to update between users and newer content on a subject, so you can get the most up-to-date information and current events with Bitcoin at sites like if in doubt or need to know it faster.

More and more, you’re going to see online casinos, online betting, and gaming sites migrate toward offering the option to support bitcoin and be able to both accept funds and pay out winnings to you through it. You can be ahead of the curve and take your gaming and rewards to entirely new levels by joining the Bitcoin revolution. More benefits, more choices, and more places to win!

Why not have some the most popular and trusted casinos in the world pay out money to you today in an instant rather than using a credit card or waiting for a check to be sent?

With Bitcoin…you can!