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lol a little.

With bitcoin, everything is public on the blockchain. Anyone can view your transactions. The thing that makes it private is, no name is associated with the account, so no one will know who you are, unless you tell them.

Zcash works the same, but gives the option to hide your transaction log. There is a benefit to both really. When you pay someone publicly, you have the proof to show the entire world.

Public payments work well if your sending money to say, Amazon and want to make sure there are no disputes. But you may want to send money to your mother, who is currently hiding from a drug dealer, even though she swears shes been clean for over a year… But tells you she needs money for food… and your husband wants you to cut her off… and the local gangs has been asking questions about your mothers whereabouts. In this case, you may want to send it privately.