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The central bank can “monitor” the price all they want. But they can’t do anything about it. The entire point of Bitcoin is to get away from the same banking system that does market manipulation.

The same banking system that was involved in writing millions of subprime loans and caused the housing market crash in the US. (The United States’ subprime mortgage crisis in 2007–2008?)

The same banking system that used depositor (savings) funds for bank bail-ins in Cyprus (2013), and now common in the ToS for most banks around the world.

The same ones that gamble with your money, and if they lose, the government will bail them out with yet more of your money. (To big to fail?)

Here is a really good article on why Bitcoin was created: https://medium.com/founder-playbook/a-quick-reminder-why-bitcoin-was-invented-in-the-first-place-f9ae7430bc17