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Bitcoin (satoshi), Litecoin (litoshi), Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash – Faucets are a good place to start for a person learning about cryptocurrency. Click and earn while you learn. Sure! It takes time out of your day. So what! Sign in to the faucets and let them start dripping. Meanwhile, if you work online, open up another browser and go do your work. In between – just like you take a break when you work a 9 to 5, take a break pop over to the faucets … click click click and then go back to work. I work all day long on my laptop anyway!

If you have already been seriously investing in cryptocurrency, you probably won’t waste your time with faucets. The faucets were probably created by serious cryptocurrency investors. You’re earning half a penny and they are likely earning huge bucks from all your clicking! You have to think to yourself: ‘It won’t always be this way. One of these days, I’ll be on a roll!‘ LOL.