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SPARTA is for Fair and Just Health Care Services. Blockchain Will Help Us!

You must have heard a lot about the ground-breaking Blockchain technology that underlies all cryptocurrencies, including SPARTA. The truth is capabilities of this technology are limitless.

The innovative Blockchain technology can revolutionize virtually all aspects of public life, making them a lot better than they are now. It is fully true for health care services that is currently in dire need for improvement — even in many developed countries, not to mention countries with weak economies.

SPARTA is creating fair financial relations between people and developing the Blockchain technology. Let’s have a look at how Blockchain could chain the health care industry.
Monitoring shipments of medicinal products. The counterfeiting of medicinal products is a serious issue in today’s health care industry. It happens on such a huge scale that hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world cannot get cured from diseases or even risk their lives. When buying a medicine, people cannot make sure this is a high-quality product. They have no verifiable information about the manufacturer since a an unscrupulous seller can easily counterfeit a certificate to sell a counterfeit product. If, on the other hand, all information about a medicinal product is stored in the blockchain, from the moment it is manufactured to the moment it is delivered to a retail store, no one will be able to forge a single record.

Secure storage of patient data. Patient data are currently stored by health care institutions in electronic form (on computers) or in hard copies (as medical records). Both of these methods are not 100% secure — hard copies might be lost due to hospital malpractice or in a force-majeure situation while electronic copies might be lost in a software failure. Additionally, there’s been a lot of cases where unscrupulous doctors substituted patient information pursuing their own purposes and it was impossible to prove anything later. If, however, the patient database is stored in the blockchain, losing or substituting data will become impossible.

Streamlining insurance payments. Today, if an insurance event occurs, the customer must spend a lot of time and effort to collect all the required signatures and receive the payment. The process of being pushed “from Billy to Jack” sometimes lasts a few months. The implementation of the Blockchain technology will enable creation of special smart contracts and automation of the insurance payment process. Smart contracts include specific terms which need to be satisfied for the contract to work automatically.

All of the above is not a fantasy any more. These issues have been discussed by experts for a long time now; some solutions have even been implemented and used in beta versions. By buying and using SPARTA, you’re developing the Blockchain technology. SPARTA is for fair and honest relations in all areas!