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You’re the Only Owner of Your Own Money with SPARTA

A lot of people who use banks face the obvious disadvantages — they cannot withdraw as much of their own money as they would like to. Why does it happen?

The existing banking system is a financial pyramid

Bank operations are based on the financial pyramid principles. Assume you take your money to a bank and make a deposit at a certain interest. What happens next? If you think that the bank will carefully put your money in a burglar-proof safe and store it there while also paying you interest out of its own pocket, you’re making a huge mistake. The bank will never operate at a loss.

It “makes your money work” by giving it to those who want to withdraw cash. They also give it to those who have applied for a loan, thus making a profit on your money for itself and, partially, for you.

Similarly, the bank will put all money pooled to its accounts to good use. Assume your wages or another type of income has been transferred to your bank card. It doesn’t mean, however, that this money is literally on your account — it’s only attributed to your account in the form of digits. That’s it. The truth is the bank starts using your money right away by giving it to other customers and making a profit of its own.

The bank will collapse if people want to withdraw their money with no limitations

By setting limits, the bank protects itself from the collapse — this is the key reason for all the limitations. What does it mean? The bank doesn’t care about your needs — it only pursues its own goals and does so using your money. Do you agree it’s completely unfair towards you? What can you do? It’s easy — don’t use banks; use SPARTA!

SPARTA sets absolutely no limitations!

By using SPARTA, you’re freed of all restrictions by default. SPARTA is a decentralized cryptocurrency with no supervisors or intermediaries. Anyone who wishes to do so may support system operations — all users have equal rights. No one can set limits for you or prevent you from using your funds the way you want to.

This is one of SPARTA’s key advantages — the total financial freedom with no restrictions. Use SPARTA and be free!

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