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SPARTA Plans to Issues Its Own Plastic Cards in the Future

We strive to take care of our users and ensure SPARTA grows further. Therefore, we make every effort to make the use of our cryptocurrency convenient for the people in their everyday lives.

SPARTA plastic card — ease of use and efficiency

After SPARTA gets stronger and enters the global cryptocurrency market, we plan to issue plastic cards similar to Visa/MasterCard. Users will be then able to use SPA with more ease and, consequently, SPA will grow and form new financial relations between people — fair and just — faster.

How will SPARTA card be different from conventional bank cards?

Overall, SPARTA card functionality will be the same as that of a conventional bank card. You will be able to check your balance, transfer tokens from your account to another account, top up your mobile, etc. However, our card will have 2 major differences:

You will be able to complete all transactions with a minimum fee, i. e. you won’t have to spend too much of your money. If you calculate the total amount of fees you pay to the banks annually, the number will be quite significant. Using a SPARTA card will be a lot more attractive than using a card issued by any bank since banks live off fees and will never give them up. SPARTA, on the other hand, works with no intermediaries which is why fees are often nominal — they only serve to protect the network from fraud.

You will be able to convert SPARTA into fiat money at an ATM and withdraw the amount you want in any currency. It’s also a convenient tool since it rids you of the need to use SPA withdrawal via fiat currency exchanges, exchangers and banks. In other words, there will be less red tape and huge fees you have to pay to intermediaries for their services. A fee might be charged on conversion, but it would be very small and used to maintain and service ATM’s.

These are the advantages brought to you by a SPARTA plastic card, as compared to any bank card — you’ll be able to save time and money which means a great deal to all of us. SPARTA is easy. Fast. Reliable!

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