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Comparing SPARTA and PayPal Fees

PayPal is an international payment system that can be used to transfer money to anywhere in the world in a fast and reliable way. This system is used by over 200 mln people from all over the world, but many of them view its high fees for international transfers as the main disadvantage. Domestic transfers are free of charge while “crossing the border” must be paid for.

What are PayPal fees for international transfers?

Whenever you transfer funds between PayPal accounts located in different countries, you have to pay a certain percentage of the transfer amount. The fee size depends on the destination country — each country has its own fixed rate.

Assume you want to transfer $1,000 from Australia to the US so the source and target currencies are the same. In this case, the fee will amount to 3.9% + $0.30. For the recipient to receive precisely $1,000, you will have to add the fee to the total and transfer $1,040.89. In other words, you will pay PayPal for its services over $40.

Here’s another example: making a transfer between currencies with a conversion.

Let’s assume it’s the same countries, but you’re sending Australian dollars from Australia and the recipient will receive the amount in US dollars in the USA. In this case, your expenses will increase by another 2.5% — the fee for currency conversion. In total, you will have to pay 6.4% of the transfer amount + $0.30.

You should agree it’s quite a lot, especially considering the fee is basically a payment for intermediary services. Imagine how much an intermediary earns on payments made by its users on a daily basis. All this money could be used by the users for their own needs or sent for charity purposes.

SPARTA is a payment network with no intermediaries or high fees

The SPARTA network has no intermediaries, i. e. no high fees. It doesn’t matter how much and where to you transfer — you will anyway pay a minimum possible fee that will be a lot less than 1 cent.

Fees in SPARTA are not a way to make third parties wealthier — they’re used to protect the network against fraud. Even when the price of SPARTA starts to grow, the fee will always remain as small as possible.

SPARTA is an excellent alternative to multiple payment services and systems. By using SPARTA, you’re saving money and can use it for your own needs or for those in need.

Join SPARTA and build new financial relations with us — truly fair and honest!

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