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What’s the best way to buy the leading cryptocurrencies?

Many novices start buying the leading cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, etc.) when their prices surge upward. For example, the exchange rate rises rapidly when there is good news or favorable forecasts, i.e. based on what media outlets are saying. This strategy is fraught with huge risks and likely to result in financial losses.

Buying cryptocurrency when the exchange rate peaks is a typical mistake made by rookie traders. Why?

Practice has shown that a sharp rise in the exchange rate is always followed by a decline—an unavoidable correction. As a result, the novice suffers losses. Will the novice every come out ahead? That’s the question.

The wrong way

When you purchase cryptocurrency at the top of the market, the price begins to fall and you will always experience losses. You see that you’re losing money and begin to panic, which leads you to do something even worse: in your panic, you sell all your cryptocurrency at a lower price in order to preserve at least some of your money. After a while, the market stabilizes and the exchange rate again starts to rise. And you could have made up your losses and could have even come out ahead, but you don’t have any cryptocurrency because you sold it at a loss.

The right way

You need to buy the leading cryptocurrencies when the price is falling. That is the right strategy. And don’t be afraid of negative rumors that a drop in the exchange rate means a cryptocurrency is experiencing a full collapse. Take bitcoin as an example: how many times have naysayers called it a bubble and predicted its demise? But it continues to grow, albeit with fluctuations that can be significant at times.

That’s why you should buy cryptocurrency when the exchange rate is falling for external reasons or when it is correcting after a big surge upward. That’s the best time to buy. After all, the market always begins to rise after a correction.

Why is this the rule specifically for leading cryptocurrencies? Because little-known coins can surge at any time, and their exchange rates can experience steep and long growth. Buying them when they begin to grow rapidly can still prove to be very profitable. But remember that buying unknown coins is a big risk, but it does offer the possibility of huge rewards.


A successful trader must know how to buy leading cryptocurrencies when everybody is selling, and to sell when everybody is buying. That is precisely the strategy employed by investors who have used their skills to amass considerable wealth. Follow this rule and come out ahead!