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Advantages of SPARTA Over NXT

Some time ago we told you about SPARTA’s advantages over Bitcoin and Litecoin. Today, let’s talk about its advantages over NXT.

NXT is a cryptocurrency that uses the Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) technology. SPARTA is similar to NXT, but it’s more refined, thus having a range of advantages. These include:

SPARTA network is faster. A fully secure transfer takes less time. In NXT, it’s 14 minutes against 10 minutes in SPARTA. Generation of each block in the SPARTA network is on average 20 seconds faster.

Reward for PoS-mining (forging). SPARTA offers a forging reward in the form of newly generated coins while the NXT network does not feature forging in principle — 1 bln coins was issued in the first transaction, and no other issues are scheduled for the future. NXT offers rewards for transactions only. At the initial stage, a miner in the SPARTA network has a chance to earn 8,000 SPA per minute, but this amount will be reduced over time. By contrast, NXT does not pay rewards in new coins in principle.

You should agree that these advantages are significant since users find it important to save time, and no one would reject a decent reward for supporting network operations.

Therefore, join SPARTA right now if you’re not yet a member, and ensure affluence and comfort for yourself!

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