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Twitter and Medium are excellent sources. I started a Twitter account and a Tumblr blog both specifically dedicated to gathering information about cryptocurrency investing, and all things related. Do you have one or more newsletters that you find really helpful and have truly valuable information?

With regards to Dash, in addition to the Moon faucet, I found another faucet called Dash-Faucet. I’m not impressed with it. I’m going to claim up to a certain amount, exchange it, and then not bother with it. The claiming process is way too slow. When I first signed up I could claim regularly but then they slowed down the faucet to making claims every 4 hours. I won’t close my account yet because I do have a small balance. Also, it may change its claiming process and shorten the length of time in between claims like the way it was when I first signed up. I’ll give it a chance.