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Key SPARTA Advantages Over Bitcoin and Litecoin

SPARTA is a promising new generation cryptocurrency that excels over popular coins by multiple parameters. Among other things, SPARTA has clear advantages over the first-ever cryptocurrency — Bitcoin — and its second fork — Litecoin. Let’s briefly review the key advantages.

Why is SPARTA better than Bitcoin?

In the SPARTA network, transactions are validated once a minute which is 10 times faster than in the Bitcoin network. A fully secure transfer takes 10 minutes (10 confirmations) while in Bitcoin it’s about 30–60 minutes (3–6 confirmations).

The SPARTA network fee is less than 1 cent regardless of the transaction amount; additionally, it changes dynamically and will always remain minimal, even when the coin price has risen a lot. In the Bitcoin network, fees may amount to dozens of dollars. Moreover, if the mempool is overloaded, users have to raise the fees further to speed up processing of their transactions.

Bitcoin mining requires powerful and expensive computing equipment + high electricity costs. You can mine (forge) SPARTA using a regular laptop, with no excessive power costs.

Bitcoin bears risks of centralization and 51% attacks. It may happen at any time, for instance, if big powerful mining pools are united. SPARTA has ruled out 51% attacks. Centralization is also out of the question since anyone owning over a million SPA has an equal chance of generating a block.

Why is SPARTA better than Litecoin?

Litecoin is a lot like Bitcoin, except it’s a little faster and cheaper, but it’s not faster and cheaper than SPARTA. Therefore, the key advantages are the same.

The rate of block generation in SPARTA is 2.5 times higher. A fully secure transfer takes 10 instead of 15 minutes in Litecoin. The fee is a hundred times lower.

As you can see, SPARTA’s advantages over these two popular cryptocurrencies are obvious. SPARTA deserves attention on the part of investors, traders and regular people who need a simple, fast and secure payment system with no intermediaries and high fees. SPARTA is good for anyone! Join us and change your life for the better!

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