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Apologize for this late response. I had not noticed your question. Recently my son opened an account with JAFX so that my husband I could start trading. Not sure it was a good idea as a report as recent as July 31, 2018, was published, CFTC sues Forex Broker JAFX for taking US based customers. At any rate, we have the account. Meanwhile, what I have been doing on my own is using the free faucets to claim free coins, and then trading them with people who want them for will pay me USD. Mainly, litoshis (litecoins) and satoshis (bitcoins). I think of it as litecoins / bitcoins / dollars TO litoshis / satoshis / pennies. Another analogy could be like trading penny stocks. If these coins are not a currency, then nobody told the people who are exchanging them with me. I hope this answers your question.