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70% of cryptocurrency exchanges allow user accounts to have weak passwords. SIGEN does not.

The creators of the Dashlane password manager analyzed the password requirements imposed by cryptocurrency exchanges.

They concluded that over 70% of all cryptocurrency exchanges allow users to use weak passwords. This can actually be seen as indifference to users’ welfare, because their savings are at risk: accounts with weak passwords are vulnerable to hackers.

What is required to make a strong password?

– A password must be at least 8 characters long;
– It must have both lowercase and uppercase letters;
– It must include numbers.

It turns out that only about 30% of cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms fully comply with these requirements. The remaining 70% do not. Moreover, 43% of the analyzed platforms allow passwords shorter than 8 characters, and 34% do not require both letters and numbers.

Exchanges are unlikely to earn a good reputation with such an attitude toward user accounts. We recommend that you do not open accounts on such exchanges and certainly never keep funds there.

The SIGEN cryptocurrency exchange cares about your security

The SIGEN cryptocurrency exchange imposes stringent password requirements that comply with established standards. Additionally, mandatory two-factor identification has been introduced on the platform, as noted in a previous article. These security measures can reliably protect your savings from thieves. Using the SIGEN platform is simple and safe: we care about you!