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Almost everything can be bought with Bitcoin

And that’s true indeed. Despite constant rumors about the approaching Bitcoin banning, it becomes ever more firmly entrenched in everyday life. It is also misleading to consider it just as an investment tool, since it has already been actively used as a means of payment.

Today you can pay for many goods and services with Bitcoin all over the world

Here are a few examples:
– In Czechia, most auto dealers accept payment in Bitcoins, including a popular Alza – it is the easiest thing to pay here using “digital gold”, while in a matter of minutes.
– Many think that Bitcoin is banned in China; however, reality says otherwise. A lot of stores accept Bitcoins, whereas not hiding it from the government at all. For example, you may buy sports cars with cryptocurrency – right on the stand there are prices in Bitcoin and in the national currency.
– The Knox Group of companies in the United Arab Emirates sells real estate for Bitcoins – houses, apartments, and commercial property. It should be mentioned that it has quite a few customers. In addition, in Dubai it is possible to buy and rent cars using cryptocurrency, which is very popular.
– The Magnum Real Estate, a property management company based in New York, is engaged in similar activity with Bitcoin.
– Tesla electric cars are sold worldwide for Bitcoins. It has already become a kind of the mainstream – to buy innovative cars for innovative money.
– Many European and American airline companies have already been selling air tickets for Bitcoins worldwide. Some of them also offer to pay with cryptocurrency for meals and drinks on board, whereas often with zero transfer fees.
– A number of travel companies accept Bitcoin as well, for instance, Destina travel agency in Spain. You can buy there all inclusive tours, in other words, to rest absolutely without cash. By the way, after the company have added the possibility to make settlements with Bitcoin, demand for its services increased by 150%.
– It is also possible to use Bitcoins to pay education at high ranking universities – University of Cumbria in Great Britain, Kings College in the USA, and others. A pioneer in this direction became one of Cyprus universities.
– Thousand web shops around the world accept Bitcoins for payment. With cryptocurrency you can buy virtually everything: ranging from foodstuff to household appliances.
– In big cities it is already possible to pay with cryptocurrency at a cafe: order a cup of coffee, pizza, beer, and various snacks.

But this list is far from complete – in fact, you can pay with Bitcoin in much more cases. With each passing day, the number of companies and stores willing to accept cryptocurrency for payment grows. So soon in everyday life, we will be able to do without cash. Isn’t it cool!?