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What is Cryptocurrency Listing and What’s Its Significance?

Listing of a cryptocurrency is a procedure of adding a coin/token to a particular cryptocurrency exchange for trading purposes.

Authoritative exchanges with a strong reputation will carefully evaluate the applying project against a number of requirements before agreeing to add cryptocurrency to their listing. If these requirements are not satisfied, no listing will happen.

Exchanges often require a certain fee to be paid for listing the coin which sometimes turns out to be too expensive for the developing team. This is why fledgling coins may find it hard to get to well-known exchanges even if they have a lot of potential.

Listing affects the price of cryptocurrencies. As a rule, when a coin is listed on an exchange, especially a large one, it has a positive effect on its development. This news is perceived by most crypto traders as a positive sign, and demand for the coin starts to grow. Accordingly, the price also rises.

SPARTA intends to get included in listings on multiple exchanges and platforms

SPARTA is a young promising currency with a huge potential which will certainly be duly appreciated by a lot of authoritative exchanges. We plan to get included in listings on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and P2P platforms. We’re currently negotiating with some of them and are confident of a positive outcome.

However, it takes time since, as mentioned above, fledgling coins find it quite hard to enter the market these days. But we’ll definitely succeed — it could not have been otherwise. SPARTA isn’t just an innovative cryptocurrency — it’s a whole ideology aiming to build new financial relations between people — truly fair and honest. It’s easy to use, convenient, safe and efficient meaning it deserves to be introduced to the world for people to start using it on a massive scale.

Join SPARTA now if you haven’t done so yet, and build a new future with us — for yourselves and all the people on the planet! New exchanges coming up soon!

Buy/Sell SPARTA https://sparta.top/exchange.html

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