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Bears pushing down: what is the bear trend in the cryptocurrency market?

Last time, we told you about the bulls in the cryptocurrency market. Today, we are going to talk what the bears do.

The bears attack from above

Many traders believe that the bears attack their prey swiping its paws downward. Therefore, when the price of the cryptocurrency is falling, and each subsequent value is lower than the previous one, and it is called bear trend. In such situation, people say bears dominate the market and sell their assets.

Among them, there are many bears who know how to earn on the falling price. However, many participants of the market wait for the approximation to the lowest point of the trend and the further growth. It’s considered a good moment for the entry on the market. Therefore, many people believe that the start of the bear trend is a good time for selling, and the end of the bear trend is a good moment for purchases.

How to recognize the bears

The trader should determine the start of a bear market as soon as possible. For that, it’s necessary to see the cryptocurrency price diagram or draw it on your own using two or three points of the cryptocurrency price. One can easily see the downward trend.

It is just the same as with the bull trend. There’s no need to hurry up and take hasty decisions. If the price is moving down it doesn’t mean the bear trend. It can be just a correction at the market. Wait for several days, then you will be able to determine the presence of the sustainable trend. For the cryptocurrencies market, it’s extremely important as the price fluctuations can occur very quickly, just in several hours.