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Maintain Reasonable Negativity to Protect Your Funds

The term “reasonable negativity” means the ability to talk about cryptocurrency to promote it without disclosing your personal information, i. e. without talking about your personal cryptocurrency savings and disclosing exchanges you store them on.

For instance, don’t talk about having 20,000,000 SPA and storing them in a wallet on a particular exchange in the social media. After all, you don’t know who will read your post and what’s on their mind. Therefore, remain vigilant and don’t disclose excessive information about yourself. Remember that it’s safest to store your coins in the personal wallet at https://wallet.sparta.top/.

Generally speaking, caution should also be exercised when talking about any financial issues, not only cryptocurrency savings. What could happen, specifically? Someone could “hook you up”, then hack your account, steal from you or otherwise come to possess your sensitive information.

The Internet is full of such stories — see for yourself. Therefore, do not flash your capitals or disclose its storage — never, nowhere and to no one: neither online, nor in real life, not even to your best friends. Keep this information to yourself, and your money will remain safe.

We wish you successful trading and investment!

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