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Environmental Issues: Why PoW Mining is Environmentally Destructive?

You probably know that mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using the PoW (Proof-of-Work) algorithm requires a great deal of electricity. However, it’s a big mistake to think that the problem only lies with huge electricity bills. It’s more global that you could imagine, and it’s not an exaggeration — it’s a world-wide environmental concern.

CHP plants emit more and more carbon dioxide

So, PoW mining requires a lot of energy. Where does it come from? It’s generated by power plants — nuclear, water or heat power plants.

Combined heat and power plants (CHP plants) are the main producers of power. Overall, they account for about ⅔ of power generation in the world. Despite availability of alternative energy sources, experts predict that in the coming decades CHP plants will remain leaders in this domain.

CHP plants produce energy using natural fuels: coal, natural gas, fuel oil, etc. When these materials are processed, carbon dioxide, CO₂, is emitted into the atmosphere causing a great damage to the environment.

Accumulation of carbon dioxide in the air does not only pollute the environment, but also contributes to the greenhouse effect which heats the planet up. According to research, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere grows by 4 gigatons (!) annually.

Heavy consumption of electric power is fraught with calamities for all the Earth’s inhabitants

PoW mining has lately exacerbated the issue of carbon dioxide accumulation since the more power is consumed, the more power is generated. It also means more emissions of CO₂ into the atmosphere. Scientists have a hard time finding a solution to this vital issue, and mining is not helping.

It’s frightful to think of what could happen next if large mining corporations and private miners don’t start pondering over this issue and looking for ways out.

Meanwhile, one of the ways out has already been found — it’s PoS mining

PoS mining (forging) used by SPARTA does not require a lot of energy — one could support network operations and get new coins as a reward even if their computer is not that powerful.

Accordingly, it will not consume a lot of electricity and will not exacerbate the environmental disaster on the planet. Think about it — who needs money if the planet suddenly dies and no one is left behind? Right, no one does. We urge you to make money the right way — with no harm to the environment and, hence, for yourselves.

Swap PoW mining for forging and live a happy life!

For a detailed guideline on how to launch forging with screenshots, go to Bitcoin Talk:

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