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The System is running like clockwork, and today we have great news for you.

1. ELDORADO 3.0 — over a month now! :tada::raised_hands:
Yay! On October 21, the System had a kind of an anniversary — ELDORADO has been running for one month now. Our users have been increasing their balance every 8 minutes for over a month, and it all works perfectly well. It’s an excellent response to all sceptics who predicted the System wouldn’t even survive for a fortnight. As you can see, it has survived. It will survive a lot longer. We’re all looking at a great future ahead of us!

2. Donations totaling over 5 bln SPA!
The System continues to register impressive values of the total donations amount on a weekly basis. Last Monday we told you of this value exceeding 4 bln SPA, and now users have already made donations totaling over 5 bln SPA. A billion in just a week!

3. We’re still looking for consultants!
We’re still collecting applications for the position of an online consultant on ELDORADO. As a consultant, you will answer various System-related questions and will be able to make any new user your referral. If you would like give it a try, fill up the form — https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfi2ETpJqMPfAoq97sC-84m-rhEXHgiwfBAT3ZURQGJuodc5Q/viewform

ELDORADO’s first month of operation has gone off with a bang, the second month will be even better. Continue to help the Global Mutual Aid Club grow: make donations, invite new users, build teams. Your work will be rewarded with stable payments, awesome bonuses and continuous System operation. A single person is capable of anything. United, we can change the entire world

Sincerely yours, ELDORADO Team! Welcome to the Club!