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SPARTA’s Goal is Building Fair Financial Relations

SPARTA is a cryptocurrency that intends to radically change the existing financial relations, make them fair and honest for regular people.

The current financial model is controlled by banks and financial corporations that act as intermediaries during monetary transactions and dictate their conditions. They try to demonstrate in every possible way that they don’t depend on people — people depend on them, even though it’s the opposite.

It’s time to get rid of intermediaries and high fees!

Cryptocurrencies have enabled people to make direct monetary transactions — with no intermediaries. SPARTA is a cutting-edge payment system that allows you to make fast and secure transfers to anywhere in the world at any time with minimal fees.

As you use SPARTA, you’re building new financial relations between people — fair, honest and transparent. SPARTA has ruled out the need for the services of intermediaries — you don’t need to pay huge fees for making transfers.

Fees in other payment systems are especially high if you transfer a large amount or the recipient is located in another, remote country — the more remote it is, the more you have to pay for the transfer.

In SPARTA, fees do not depend on the amount or remoteness of the recipient in any way — they’re always as minimal as possible, since it’s not a way to make money at the expense of users, but a way to protect the network from malicious actions. SPARTA is an alternative for those who want to stop wasting their money on paying to intermediaries.

We’re persistent in pursuing our ideology — it’s our ultimate goal! We stand for the fair financial relations between people — join us to build such relations with us!

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