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Why Does Our Slogan Read “Simple. Fast. Reliable”?

Our slogan — “Simple. Fast. Reliable” — is not random. These three words contain the very essence of the SPARTA cryptocurrency. Judge for yourself:

Simple. We’ve made SPARTA as simple and easy-to-use as we could — even for users who have never heard of cryptocurrencies and have no idea as to what they are. SPARTA allows anyone to understand digital money.

Fast. The SPARTA network is a lot faster than many other cryptocurrency networks. This is its undisputable advantage for users. The recipient receives the transfer after 1 network confirmation, i. e. after 1 minute after the transfer is made, and can immediately dispose of the received funds. A transfer is interpreted as completely safe after 10 confirmations by the network, i. e. after 10 minutes.

Reliable. The SPARTA network is securely protected against centralization and 51% attacks by its technical features and the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. In particular, 51% and Nothing-at-stake attacks are completely ruled out as well as transfers between network addresses with the purpose of raising the chances of creating new blocks.

Learn more about network operations and safety in our Whitepaper and join SPARTA right now — it’s really simple, fast and reliable! SPARTA is totally consistent with its selected slogan!

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