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Cryptocurrencies Aren’t HYIP’s

Cryptocurrencies are sometimes compared to HYIP projects — financial pyramids that promise a high income to their members. However, profit is usually made by the project’s initiators and partially by the members who manage to join the project on the first wave. Most users will lose it all in the end.

It has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies!

Cryptocurrencies aren’t HYIP’s.

HYIP projects give their users an iron-clad guarantee of high returns while showing specific numbers with examples and calculations. Fair cryptocurrency projects will promise you nothing of the kind and will surely avoid giving specific values — only forecasts can be provided as it all depends on the market. SPARTA does not give you any iron-clad guarantees of a specific income either. All we say is that the SPARTA price will inevitably grow as the project evolves and demand increases — therefore, income on your investment will also grow in this context.

A HYIP project is doomed to fail, sooner or later, or to be restarted, at the very least, — to start it all over again. It happens because payments to project members exceed investment values — thus, funds become insufficient for all members. Cryptocurrencies grow gradually and may even stall for a long time to experience a surge later on. More importantly, cryptocurrency price is regulated in the natural way, based on the market supply and demand. Therefore, unlike HYIP, cryptocurrency cannot experience a lack of funds. If demand for SPARTA is below supply — the price will drop, but there will be no restarts or scams.

Whoever invests in a HYIP project will either make profit or be left with nothing, i. e. will lose all their funds. As for cryptocurrency, users can exit the market at any time and withdraw their funds, even if the price is lower than initially. If one does not panic and does not sell coins, but waits for a new wave of growth which will always follow a downward trend pursuant to cryptocurrency market laws, they will surely make profit At least, cryptocurrency gives you the choice of leaving or staying.

As you can see, SPARTA and other fair cryptocurrencies have nothing in common with HYIP projects. Our purpose is creating new financial relations between people — truly fair relations.

Join SPARTA right now and build these relations with us!

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