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Best Video Contest!
Record creative video testimonials — and get awesome prizes!

Greetings, friends! We’re announcing the Best Video Contest featuring video testimonials about the ELDORADO Global Mutual Aid Club! 4 winners will be awarded:

– Best Video — 1,000,000 SPA.
– Second Best Video — 500,000 SPA.
– Third Best Video — 300,000 SPA.
– “Audience Award” (as voted by the contestants) — 200,000 SPA.

1. Your video must be of high quality (good image, good sound);
2. Your testimonial must contain a direct invitation to join ELDORADO;
3. Duration of video: at least 20 seconds.

Prizes will be awarded to the best videos — the most creative and interesting!

To become a winner, make creative videos with an interesting plot motivating people to join ELDORADO! The more interesting your video is, the more chances you have got to win. So turn your imagination on and go ahead — to meet your good luck!

We will only accept new videos made after this piece of news has been published. Those of you who submitted their video within the “SPA equivalent of $10” can make a new video and take part in the contest on standard terms.

Make your videos and send them to the chatroom or to administrators via personal messages on Telegram or Skype.

Welcome to the Club!