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Test: Buy SPARTA Coins and Leave Them Be for a Year!

We suggest that you conduct a little fascinating test — check out the HODL strategy on SPARTA. This strategy proved to be successful in cryptocurrency investment a long time ago — it’s widely used by investors who aim for long-term profit. SPARTA is a new promising currency with a huge potential which has every chance to go up in price massively — just like top cryptocurrencies.

By way of illustration, let’s see how Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum have been growing for the last 4 years, starting with each summer.

June 1, 2015:

Bitcoin costs $ 223;
Litecoin — $1.62;
Ethereum — not launched yet.

June 1, 2016:

Bitcoin — $570. Annual growth rate: +155%;
Litecoin — $4.87. Growth rate: + 200%;
Ethereum — $14.

June 1, 2017:

Bitcoin — $2500. + 338%;
Litecoin — $28. + 474%;
Ethereum — $221. +1478%.

June 1, 2018:

Bitcoin — $7500. + 200%;
Litecoin — $117. + 317%;
Ethereum — $571. +158%.

As for new coins, practice has shown many times that they can suddenly “sky-rocket” at any time and give you so many XXX that top coins have never seen in their early years.

So buy some SPARTA coins right now, for the sake of a test, and leave them be for a year. Make a note in your calendar “Check out my SPARTA wallet in July 2019” and make sure (!) you store your mnemonic phrase in a secure place. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the results of this long-term investment.

Buy/Sell SPARTA https://sparta.top/exchange.html

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