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One of the key rules of our Club is to move forward. Following it, we’ve easily hit another milestone in the growth of new members and celebrated another little anniversary. Let’s talk the news.

1. ELDORADO has turned four months!
Hurray! Another month of successful work is over. Since the launch, we already have over 11,000 members who have collectively donated 11 bln SPA. During this time, the rate of ELD has grown by almost 186%! This means that the amount of donations in SPA made in September has tripled. It’s going to get only better!

2. We’re 11,000!
Yes, we’ve reached a new peak. It’s not even a month since a thousand people have joined in. Some people noticed that the number of new members is growing slower than before. It’s not a big deal. A leader of a team from Russia gave 1,000 SPA to new members as a gift for registration. This ensured the extremely fast growth of new members. But most of them didn’t get involved in the System promotion. The campaign is over. So the people who are joining us now are the new active members who are making donations and attracting new ones. Not quantity but quality matters!

Summing up, things are great in the Club. They are so great that seeing how big the number of members in our chats, many people are trying to spam the chat with rubbish. Please note we are not always able to delete spam messages in time and never click on the links that are not related to ELDORADO. This will keep you safe. Make donations, invite new members and build teams. Then everything will be OK. Together will we change the world!

Welcome to the Club!