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Greetings, friends! There has been a small dump in the SPA rate which disappointed some members. Is it worth getting upset about? Actually, it isn’t. Here are some tips from the Club team:

1. Buy while it is cheap. A price drop is a good earning opportunity.
The key rule of successful trading is to buy cryptos when their price drops, not on the rise. In doing so, you buy assets at a discount. In the future, you sell your coins for more than you bought them for. Especially if this asset is invested in ELDORADO where it grows by 30% per month. It’s simple: now you have a great opportunity to buy SPA cheaper than before. You can buy SPARTA at a good price – 2 satoshi – and we strongly advise you to take this chance.

2. Calculating profit without worrying about SPARTA price fluctuations
Another tip will also teach you not to get disappointed about the decline in price. Since SPARTA price always fluctuates, like any other cryptocurrency price, some users have issues with calculating their profit. You should calculate the profit in SPARTA as it is more convenient.

– Assume you made a 1,000,000 SPA donation.
– In 3 months this amount will grow to 2,197,000 SPA.
– It means your profit is 1,197,000 SPA.
– Now you can have a look at the current SPA price against USD or BTC and assess your profit value in dollars or bitcoins.

It’s the most convenient method of calculation that provides you with an actual unbiased result at a specific time. If you calculate in this way n the fluctuations will not seem so terrible. In fact, you still get a stable profit in the SPA at the rate of 30% per month.

This is all we got for today. You see, a price drop is not so terrible. In fact, it is an excellent opportunity. Buy SPARTA right now, while the price is so favorable!