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Happy Spring Festival!

Dear friends, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese New Year or Spring Festival falls on February 5, 2019. This holiday is a symbol of renewal, hope, and unity for people in China. We sincerely wish our Chinese members a Happy New Year. We wish you a lot of happiness, success and prosperity. May your homes be full of comfort and warmth and your hearts be filled with love and bright spirit.

We know that the Chinese respect their traditions and every year at Spring Festival they give nice gifts to all their family members and friends. For this reason, yesterday, many participants withdrew their coins from the system to have time to prepare for the celebration of the New year. The ELDORADO club has passed the endurance test – successfully withstood the load and proved its efficiency.

We would like to calm down those who got worried – we expected this situation with massive withdrawal and there is nothing to fear. Quite the opposite — periodically we have an opportunity to buy SPARTA at a very favorable price and to multiply our profits in the future.

Happy New Year! Lots of luck and profits!