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Trading Volume as a Trader’s Basic Tool

The trading volume indicator reflects the number of cryptocurrency transactions over a period of time, i. e. whether traders are interested or not in a coin. Let’s review this indicator in more detail:

Volume and price

Volume is a basic cryptocurrency trading indicator that can be used to make decisions regarding investment and trading. It allows you to forecast price movements fairly accurately. It’s because, surprisingly enough, it’s not the price that dictates the volume; rather, it’s the cryptocurrency market volume that determines the cryptocurrency price.

It’s easy to prove. You can just have a look at the share of Bitcoin on the crypto market and at its price in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin price hike is made possible by a huge market volume. Volume always comes first, ahead of price. Volume indicators are the first to change followed by price. Accordingly, when a cryptocurrency falls away in traders’ interest, volume shrinks first followed by a decrease in price.

Price patterns

Trading volume may be used to analyze price patterns based on the established dependency between volume and price. With any price pattern, volume growth must be followed by cryptocurrency price growth. Additionally, you must pay attention to the stability of support and resistance lines. A stable support line shows that the volume is high.

Moreover, it’s important to analyze volume movements both vertically — based on the current volume — and horizontally which allows you to assess trend stability over time.