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ELDORADO closes indefinitely
Everyone got a refund of 40% of the balance (including interest, but excluding bonuses)

Dear friends! First of all, we want to thank each member of our Club for the fact that together with us you tried to change this world. Together we made a journey of 6 months. However, the moment came when we were forced to suspend the work of the Club for an indefinite period.

Unfortunately, the SPA rate has recently dropped too low, so we ran into a problem. Due to the low price, the volume of transactions in the SPA became too large, and the balance amounts exceeded the reserves of the Club. A little more, and they would have exceeded the entire SPA issue of 9 billion, which is not possible to pay in any way purely mathematically. Alas, the only way out is to suspend ELDORADO.

We have done our best to keep the Club working as long as possible. Since December of this year, our team has worked entirely free of charge – in order not to spend the SPA on salaries and not to lower the rate down. We did not charge you any commissions. We replenished the moneybox 3 times from the reserves to prevent a restart. And we give the last SPA reserves for a refund to you – our participants, without leaving a single coin.

All participants received a refund of 40% of the balance on their SPA-addresses. This is subject to ALL percents, not just the body of the deposit, but excluding bonuses. Alas, it is not possible to return 80% because we replenished the moneybox three times from these same “reserves for refund”. Sorry, but we wanted to save the Club.

We were counting on a completely different development of events. We had a unique system. We had large SPA reserves, which we received as a result of forging and purchasing before launch. With a consistently high rate, these reserves would ensure uninterrupted operation for an infinitely long time. But it did not work out. Sorry for not meeting your expectations.

For half a year of the Club’s work, the ELD course has grown almost 5 times. Every day our ranks were replenished with new participants – about 13 thousand of us all. The system has paid more than 20 billion SPA! Not every project can boast such results. And ELDORADO – can. And ELDORADO is not scamming like other projects, disappearing and taking away the last. We leave honestly.

Thank you all very much.
Looking forward to your understanding, the ELDORADO team! Together we are the Club!