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      Cup with Handle and buy trading signals
      Cup with Handle and generate buy trading signals
      Cup with Handle is Looks like a cup profile with the handle on the right
      brief review of the guidelines I found important.
      Rise before cup is at least 30%. As I was selecting cup-with-handle patterns, it became apparent that
      locating cups during an uptrend was important.
      So I used O’Neil’s minimum rise to the left cup lip of 30%. To measure this, I applied the same method as
      for finding the trend start and reviewed those that fell short of 30%. If the trend start using
      the mechanical method was shy (usually by just a few percentage points) of the
      required 30% but the price trend appeared longer on examination, I accepted
      the pattern. Just 15 of 471 patterns (3%) were in this category.
      U-shaped cup, handle duration. I removed all V-shaped cups and kept
      the U-shaped ones. I am not sure about the performance effect of this. Also
      removed were those cups with handles shorter than 7 days (5 trading days). A
      cup without a handle is a rounding bottom. I considered the handle length as
      the distance from the right cup lip to the breakout.
      Cup duration. I used a strict interpretation of O’Neil’s cup duration.
      Removed were short cups (fewer than 7 weeks) and overly long ones (over
      65 weeks).
      Handles form in upper half of cup. I used a more lax interpretation of
      where the handle forms on the cup. In other words, I visually inspected the
      cups to be sure prices in the handle drifted no lower than halfway down the
      cup. I removed those drifting lower (include all with downward breakouts).
      When measuring distance, use an arithmetic chart
      Cup lips near same price. Finally, I selected cups with lips (tops) at
      approximately the same price level. Cups with uneven lips are better classified
      as scallops.
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      Measure rule Compute the formation height by subtracting the lowest low
      reached in the cup from the high at the right cup lip. Add the
      difference to the high at the right cup lip and the result is the
      target price to which prices will climb, at a minimum. Only 50% of
      the formations rise that far in a bull market; 27% hit the target in a
      bear market. Use half the cup height to get a more realistic price
      target (met 76% of the time in a bull market; 55% in a bear market).

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