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      According to what I know, Telos is a distributed encryption currency using hybrid certificates Design using existing network such as Zcash, Ehtereum, Verium, Hush In the future run cross-chain payment and proof Storage for the rest of the stake evidence. other than this Also, Transcendence Blockchain will be able to access computing power user.
      As the popularity of block chains increases, the integration of cloud computing and cloud storage is believed to bring many benefits. One company that foresees these benefits is Transcend.

      Transendence plans to combine popular block chains with existing services such as IndieGo App Store and AmiCloud. This makes Transcendence an open marketplace for artists and developers.

      This will be an optional, private and distributed communication means and a powerful processing platform. This platform allows users to access cloud services and the d – Wave quantum computing cloud. This is possible if you think that AmiCloud and IndieGo are already on the Transcendence.

      As I know this is an awesome excellent platform.transcendence is an exciting project aiming to combine the existing services such as AmiCloud and IndieGo App Store with the benefits of open source and distributed block chain technology.

      So you can simply visit at http://www.teloscoin.org
      MNO: https://masternodes.online/currencies/TELOS/
      Twitter -https://twitter.com/indieGOretro

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