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      Today, all cryptocurrencies touting peer-to-peer payment capabilities, decentralized networking, and computing require centralized infrastructure to work. If your local ISP cuts your internet connection…your bitcoin is worthless until you can find another way to connect to the internet.
      While other projects have removed centralized servers which may store websites, apps, and user data, users have no means to physically connect with other peers without the infrastructure supplied by ISPs and controlled by middlemen (notably, corporations and governments).

      Even more concerning are the nearly 4 billion people-—over half the world’s population—who lack internet connectivity (3.7 billion, April 2017). These people cannot benefit from the societal and economic benefits brought about by the Internet. In many cases they are the undocumented, left out of the global economy, unable to connect, communicate, and accelerate themselves out of poverty.

      Introducing rightmesh.io – putting the power of connectivity back into the hands of the people with a mobile mesh platform and protocol powered by blockchain and tokenization. This is the opportunity to bring connectivity to people and places it has never reached before, and to connect directly, without the traditional middlemen.

      RMESH powers the RightMesh network, and with the network’s Soft Mainnet Launch Competiton in Q1 2019, you can be among the first to use the RightMesh network – AND, you can even earn RMESH .

      The competition provides opportunities for Superpeer Operators and Data Sharers to earn RMESH while RightMesh App End Users will get connectivity for free!

      Find out more about how you can EARN RMESH – https://competition.rightmesh.io
      Find out more about RightMesh – https://rightmesh.io/

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