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      chris dias

      Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky , to say the least. Of course, every investment carries some risk. But you should always avoid unnecessary risks, so this site is wonderfully grateful to make your investment safer and more profitable.

      This is an excellent platform on which they rely on the Ethereum blockchain and sets new standards in both the crypto and financial industries.

      Unique ecosystem features. Terra works with Binance, Huobi, Anchor, Velo Labs, and many other projects. Introducing trend projects offers multiple investment opportunities.

      The best crypto project for your investment

      Zapper is a DeFi liquidity hub that helps investors, fund managers, and developers monitor their assets, manage portfolios, and invest in various opportunities while saving time and gas.

      Users can input their wallet address and take snapshots of their DeFi holdings to track portfolios and see their asset-spread across multiple platforms.

      From the Zapper app, it is also possible to gain access to yield farming platforms, vaults, and liquidity pools. According to the platform, users can save on gas by joining LPs through the app. Moreover, using Zapper saves time as a unique and intuitive dashboard showcases all available DeFi protocols.

      The project has already finished partnering with numerous teams in the market. At the time of writing, Zapper supports and collaborates with more than 19 DeFi platforms.

      Last year, Zapper processed more than $1.3 billion in volume. Moreover, a grand total of 400,000 unique users have tried out Zapper.

      Portfolio Management and Money Market Protocol Zelion is a DeFi ecosystem that allows users to trade, track funds and even exchange cryptocurrencies. Zerion is designed to serve all your DeFi needs from one place as a one-stop shop.

      The platform features several important financial products. To get started, users have access to several liquidity pools of important DeFi tokens such as UNI, CREAM, SNX and AAVE. There are also decentralized exchanges where users can exchange indexes, tokens and vault tokens.

      Through the Zerion mobile app, you can track your portfolio and find a variety of statistics such as profitability, ROI and complete wallet history. This app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

      Mirror Protocol
      Mirror Protocol is a blockchain-based marketplace that offers crypto investors exposure to real-world assets through synthetics. By hosting fungible assets in the form of synthetics, which mirror all kinds of assets, commodities, and currencies in the real world, MIrror Protocol captures a unique market.

      Working similarly as Synthetix, Mirror Protocol features so-called Mirror assets in the form of a token.
      To create a synthetic asset the user must lock up 150% of the current asset value via either Terra tokens or mAssets.

      Prices are delivered with the help of a decentralized price oracle which updates the market every 30 seconds.

      MCDEX, or Monte Carlo DEX, is a fully functional decentralized exchange for trading

      perpetuals.The creators of MCDEX seek to make DeFi investing more accessible by developing an easy-to-use and secure blockchain-based trading platform.

      Their main product is the Decentralized Perpetual Contract, supported by an AMM, which represents underlying assets. Its architecture is based on preexisting designs of perpetual contracts in the centralized finance sector.

      All trading prices are soft pegged to an assets index price and users can use a maximum leverage of up to 10X on perpetual contracts.

      A remarkable quality of the MCDEX is that it uses an off-chain order book to enhance the exchange’s liquidity supply. The exchange is praised for its security and seamless UX which makes trading in DeFi an easier and simpler experience.

      So why don’t you want to invest in a true and good platform? If you are interested in this, please visit https://www.etherhunt.co

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