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      Future FinTech (FTFT) is a FinTech organization established in 1998 and already listed in NASDAQ stock exchange market. It engages in financial technology businesses and currently looking to expand its business into blockchain technology development.

      — This is a public investment program by the company, company have own experience traders that invest in share market, insurance, forex, property and many more to help investor on generating ROI.

      — Safe and trustworthy!

      FTFT Public Investment Program (Guarantee Return):

      A.USD100 ROI payment once a week 10%

      B.USD250 ROI payment once a week 12%

      C.USD400 ROI payment once a week 15%

      D.USD500 ROI payment once a week 15%

      E.USD1000 ROI payment once a week 15%

      As the company is expanding its business into blockchain technology, this public investment program only accepts Bitcoin investment. The overall Bitcoin trend in 2019 will still in a better position compare to most of the traditional investment and the fluctuations may exceed 200%. The launch of Bakkt on the US Intercontinental Exchange and the issuance of Nasdaq Bitcoin futures, Bitcoin price is expected to move towards USD12,000 in 2019. If any of you interested in this Public Investment Program, please MESSAGE for more info.

      Password: bitalk.org

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