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      chris dias

      ICH aims to allow inventors to register their ideas as patents, especially in developing countries in Asia and Africa. ICH describes itself as a digital currency that aims to support inventors and preserve their rights.

      This is a great opportunity to start a reliable and profitable investment on the best platform.
      Ideachain is a start-up company based in Turkey. Founded in 2020 by Mohamad Rafiq Trabulsi, an entrepreneur and a prominent investor in the field of blockchain and digital currencies.

      Why Choose an Idea Chain Coin?

      ICH coin comes up with a decentralized patent registration platform project. It is based on blockchain technology in an innovative digital way that preserves the rights of the inventors and guarantees them the spread of what they invent and legally without bothering in murderous routine procedures in many countries of the world, Developing countries.

      The success of a project such as this project provides the owners of capital with many real and more easy investment opportunities, and provides the inventors with financiers and supporters without the hassle and exerting effort in promoting or publishing that they are not good at and do not know how to do so.

      How Idea Chain Coin will Help Inventors?
      One of the most prominent problems facing the inventor is the absence of marketing skills. An inventor might be great at inventing but that inventor may not know how marketing works.

      To deal with this gap, the inventor needs a trustworthy entity that can provide marketing advisory to market the invention.

      The inventor also needs a specialized legal authority that can legally assist the inventor in drafting the invention’s applications.

      More importantly, the inventor should take steps to keep his copyright to the invention, especially, when drafting contracts with businessmen on the other hand.

      The innovator must be nurtured and provided with all types of support.A dedicated organization can be hired for proper support and guidance.

      This is important to encourage young people with innovative ideas and talents. This way, innovators will start trusting investors and businessmen.

      All inventors have problems communicating their invention to the world due to the limited capabilities, efforts, and supporters of these unique topics.

      Idea Chain Coin comes to provide smart solutions to innovators who need guidance. We support them and stand behind them to turn their dream into reality.

      Idea Chain Coin is an innovative platform that has been designed to support and facilitate innovators. This unique service is for those who do not want to lose their invention to idea thieves.

      The project was launched at the start of 2020 . We are now enlisting Idea Chain Coin on cryptocurrency exchanges.

      Ideachain coin has already been listed on many renowned cryptocurrency exchanges. Ideachain teams are now looking for ways to make partnerships with patent registration organizations worldwide.

      The groundbreaking patent registration platform of ICH will be launched soon. The response So far from the innovators and technology enthusiast community is overwhelming. Besides making it secure, Ideachain team wants to make it valuable for the masses.

      And as we say that ICH is a digital currency that supports inventors and preserves their rights with smart and innovative solutions.

      Ideachain top three concerns at the moment are:

      International: Inventions will become universal and without any fear of copyright theft.
      Quality: Strong network, high protection, and the easiest way to market.
      Support: 24/7 support and fast response time.

      Tokenomics :
      The total token supply is 55 million
      Token allocation can be seen below and in the pie chart :
      25M: Public Allocation
      10M: Marketing and Partnerships
      5M: Development
      5M: Team’s Allocation
      10M: To be voted for in 2023 (to either allocate to burn).

      I think this is a great opportunity to start your investment plan Don’t miss the opportunity now!

      For more information, please visit https://ideachaincoin.com

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