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      In my opinion, meme coins are crypto coins inspired by social media memes and supported by specific communities.

      These days, meme coins are more popular than mainstream cryptocurrencies.

      2021 was a year of many things in the crypto market. We saw decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and so more. But, we also saw a lot of meme coin investing.

      Volatile Nature

      Volatility is always a major concern in cryptocurrency and these meme coins are even more volatile than mainstream crypto tokens.

      Meme coins are highly community-driven. Their performance and fame are mostly linked to social media support and hype created by influencers.

      Meme coins aren’t exactly created to be taken seriously. They don’t have any definite use case that they’re trying to fulfill. Really, it’s just vibes and jokes for them. Here’s how a meme coin usually grows:

      Once the coin is created, some initial investors buy it just to be “in on the joke.”

      Then coin’s value grows, and it starts to catch the eye of everyday investors

      Some celebrities can buy the coin and post about it on social media

      Day by day, the coin grows its online community and price

      The Force is a meme coin, which started as a clone of a previous BSC token.

      That crypto upgraded to a new contract and stole previous funds for the dev. I think this is a real coin to start your investment. They offer great profits to earn.

      Features of Why Force Token?

      Transparency from Developers

      They promise to take every step to secure your trust. That includes burning liquidity, renouncing ownership and using the 2% team fund for marketing and development.


      A 10% tax is charged on every transaction. 6% to Liquidity, 2% reflections to JEDI holders, 2% to the marketing wallet

      Community Driven and Distributed

      The force will be 98% fair launched on pancake swap and liquidity locked to reward those rebels.

      Low Supply

      There will never be more than 1 JEDI token. Use yours wisely.

      So I think it’s time to start investing with a reliable meme coin.

      For more info you can visit http://www.forcetoken.net

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