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      I think this is a great platform for distributed communication and security solutions. PadLock is developing to securely store their data and digital data to prevent leakage Decentralized Communication and Security Software Application (DApp) platform.

      Blockchain offers an enthralling solution to the problem of joining accessibility with privacy and security. Using end-to-end encryption, transactions of any kind can be held securelyand still will be authenticated, referenced, and documented.

      This approach has become reality by coupling cryptographic techniques with the use of blockchai technology and smart contracts.

      Therefore, almost all cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. This technology is providing extra security sheets and transparency for businessmen and their spending without the risk of failure or hijacking.

      Blockchain technology removes these issues through cryptocurrencies and provides better security for traders.

      Decentralized communications and security solutions. A revolution in the communications field. Padlock is a distinctive and unique concept of blockchain platform which is community driven, with no involvement of third parties nor centralized bodies, for the effective security and communications.

      With the aim to provide a secure environment both for personal and enterprises digital communications, to protect its users’ assets, to guarantee the ownership of their data and to securely store digital data preventing any leaks, PadLock is developing a platform of decentralized communications and security software applications (DApps).


      Their goal is to create a next generation of online communications services through decentralized applications to secure data ownership and connect the world without intermediates.

      PadLock aims to make communications truly accessible to every person and company, regardless of its provenance, technical background or crypto experience.

      More specifically, PadLock DApps will remove the lack of security in online communications, the lack of bad infrastructure of owners, the easy access to third parties to personal data, the lack of ownership of the own data, the lack of trust in online transaction and information sharing, the lack of confidentiality, the obligation to accept a central body conditions to use its service and the lack of anonymity.


      A decentralized application (DApp) is an application built on a decentralized network (blockchain network) using smart contracts. It combines a frontend user interface with a backend code running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network.

      What is a DAPP ?


      Means that they are independent. There’s no central body that controls the information and transactions.


      They perform the same function irrespective of the environment they are executed.

      Turing complete

      Given the required resources, the DApp can perform any action.


      Executed in a virtual environment so that if the smart contract happens to have a bug, it won’t hamper the normal functioning of the blockchain network.

      DApps benefits

      Zero downtime

      Once the smart contract at the core of an app is deployed and on the blockchain, the network as a whole will always be able to serve clients looking to interact with the contract. Malicious actors therefore cannot launch denial-of-service attacks targeted towards individual DApps.


      you don’t need to provide real-world identity to deploy or interact with a DApp.

      Resistance to censorship

      No single entity on the network can block users from submitting transactions, deploying DApps, or reading data from the blockchain.

      Complete data integrity

      Data stored on the blockchain is immutable and indisputable. Documents stored on the blockchain are duplicated several times to ensure the restoration of data in case of any data loss and malicious actors cannot forge transactions or other data that has already been made public.

      Trust-less computation & verifiable behavior

      Smart contracts can be analyzed and are guaranteed to execute in predictable ways, without the need to trust a central authority. This is not true in traditional models; for example, when they use online banking systems, they have to trust that financial institutions will not misuse their financial data, tamper with records, or get hacked.

      Private Sale

      • Managed by PadLock team.
      • Min. contribution: 50BNB
      • Max. contribution: 150BNB
      • Discount: 20% on market listing price.

      Pre Sale

      • IEO done through Coinsbit Exchange.
      • Smart contracts audited by Coinsbit.
      • Discount: 10% on market listing price.
      • Available at: Coinsbit Exchange.

      For more info you can simply visit https://padlocktoken.io

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