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      I will keep this short, no one really likes these things and it should all really be common sense.

      1. No Spam, if you don’t have valuable content to contribute then don’t post.
      2. Be respectful, this should be a place where we can all learn and enjoy.
      3. No links until you are an established user, and then you may link to helpful content only.
      4. No overly short posts, again, if you don’t really have anything to contribute then simply, don’t.
      5. Keep price talk to a minimum, in the forums lets focus on the tech behind each coin.

      and lastly…

      • With the exception of rule #1 and #2, none of these rules apply to the Trollbox! Be respectful, and feel free to abuse the Trollbox as you see fit!
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      Hello. Why is not my newly created topic published? Constantly I see a message “Forbidden.” I ask you to help me in the publication of the topic. Contact me and I’ll show you what my topic looks like on another forum.

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