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      As I know, blockchain platforms related to the real estate sector provide the answer in terms of speed and security, which can significantly reduce the risk of fraud.

      REAT is a Real Estate and Asset Transaction Blockchain created to do fast, efficient real world transactions: sales, leases, licensing, financing using the blockchain. It allows you to do transactions in crypto, Fiat or both.

      REAT Offering

      Real Estate Asset Transaction offers you a platform to efficiently manage and complete simple or complex transactions in real estate, art, vehicles, businesses and other assets and have them registered by professionals in the real world.


      Borrowers can have access to global lending market through blockchain

      Title & Registry

      Deeds & titles, taxes, registration and transfers on the blockchain


      Smart contracts can allow for assets and purchases to be processed

      NFT & Physical NFT

      Unique Digital Assets such as photos, videos, audio and all other types of digital files and Unique Physical Assets such as watches, art and vehicles

      REAT Blockchain Highlights:

      – efficiently and quickly fund deals via blockchain without limitations of traditional fiat systems.

      – hybrid solution connecting blockchain to the real world of assets.

      – global funding of assets via syndication or financing (like crowd financing).

      – REAT marketplace connects asset holders to buyers, financers, share and stake holders and allows financial instruments to be registered on assets.

      Blockchain technology for the real world

      – Hybrid solution using blockchain and professionals such as lawyers to complete the last mile and register transactions on present registries and systems

      Crypto backed by real assets

      – REAT is crypto backed by tangible real world assets

      Robust and Self correcting

      – all participants are motivated to act efficiently and ethically to promote their standing in the community

      Why use Real Estate Asset Transaction?

      Self Governing – Auto Correcting

      All participants in the REAT blockchain will be incentivized to act ethically and to the best of their abilities to develop and be beneficiaries of their positive superior reputation on the REAT blockchain or risk losing their stake and being denied access to the blockchain.

      All Syndicated Deals are Made Easy

      REAT uses its own smart contract and distributed accounting technology to connect the asset side and the financial institution side. Large assets can be split and distributed to multiple private lenders and financial institutions through the REAT smart contract.

      Global P2P Trade Financing

      REAT streamlines real estate purchases, investments, financing and transactions by offering a secure fast way for the capitalization of property or assets by traditional fiat or new crypto currency methods backed by real world assets.

      Provides Easy Access to Crypto Markets for Traditional Investors

      The REAT blockchain allows traditional investors an easy and secure way to get invested into and leverage blockchain technology with the REAT token that is backed by Real Assets. It allows people to seamlessly transition from FIAT currencies to crpypto currencies and vice versa. Bringing unparalleled liquidity to traditional real estate and financing markets.

      Gives Power to the People

      All participants stake REAT to be part of the ecosystem. Participants from purchasers, sellers, developers, financial institutions, investors, appraisers, inspectors, lawyers and specialists involved with deals are able to efficiently transact and fulfill their roles via smart contracts.

      Fair Deals Only

      Open-source smart contract ensures fair, clear and transparent deals between all parties.


      Assets and funding is legally registered by the user designated governance group and the REAT blockchain ledger. The investment will be firmly secured by the assets and registered in the local jurisdiction by approved professionals.

      Cost Effective

      Decentralized Finance and automation leading to significant reduction in transaction time and costs.

      REAT is a powerful transaction management platform for the real world.

      It motivates all participants: purchasers, sellers, developers, financial institutions, investors, appraisers, inspectors, lawyers to build their reputation by acting ethically and doing their best.

      North America, for example, accounts for only 5% of the world’s population, but accounts for nearly half of the world’s property value.

      REAT opens up new markets by bringing global investment from large institutions and individuals from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and other regions to local deals.

      For more info visit http://reat.io

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