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      As I know, the concept of meme coins has become one of the most talked about investment opportunities in crypto space.

      Meme coins have become a popular investment today

      Corgi token is a meme on the Cronos chain with a total supply of

      There are some features included in its transfer function.

      5% transaction fee which:

      -2% Reflection automatically reward to holders.

      -3% remaining fee: 1% for burning, 1% give away back to community, 1% marketing/project growing.

      Corgi token is on the work of releasing their first NFT collection and their own NFT marketplace.


      Corgi token is a meme on the Cronos chain with a total supply of

      5% Transaction fee

      5% fee on any transaction (buy\sell\transfers\adding liquidity).

      2% Reflection

      2% Reflection distribute to all holders by reflection mechanism.

      20% Supply burned at launch

      20% Total supply burned at launch to create the black hole. Reflection will also affect on black hole which giving the token deflationary mechanism.

      3% remaining fee

      1% Burning to support the token.

      1% Giveback to community.

      1% Marketing/Project growing.

      I think this is the best way to invest money. Meme coins are a real investment opportunity to increase your income.

      For more info you can simply visit https://www.corgitoken.info/

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