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      What is SIMGAME Laser duel simulators are used in the military sector for more than 30 years and are now indispensable in training and training of the police, military and special forces worldwide.
      SIMGAME Laser technology at military standard Airsoft and special shoot Sports or skeet laser shooting Drone laser fight Safe – Cost-saving – Environmentally friendly.
      SIMGAME can reach up to 1000 meters. Wireless connection: SIMGAME does not use interference cable. All components are connected via wireless connection. Because they are using simgame laser technology, I feel that you can enjoy it with G game.
      G – Game Club -Online Community A club to connect the worldwide G-Game community for all shooting and real wargaming enthusiasts.
      Shooting Simulation Systems -Interactive, realistic shooting simulation with unlimited number of scenarios – Train like the pros (military, special forces, police, etc.).
      I think this is the place to enjoy E sports live games. In addition, the team of G – Game is tackling the idea and implementation of a Web platform that can bind both worlds and then bet on E – Sport events.
      If you like to play real game you can simply visit at

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