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      TruWho is radically updating the “Know Your Customer” and ‘“Anti-Money Laundering” as a service model as we know it today. We are making online identities more intuitive, advanced, and secure, and putting the power of your identity back in your hands.

      Get Your Own TruID Free. Your verified TruID status can be used to securely log in without passing your private information to a third party. It’s time for a change. Truwho was launched in 2018 with the aim of bringing about a fundamental shift to the way KYC as a service is performed and offered, with a strong focus on the crypto space. More info: https://truwho.com/

      Prove verification without disclosing your identity
      You decide what you share
      Protected by bank-level encryption

      Runs on Stellar WHO token
      The native WHO token will power all aspects of the Truwho environment. Our token provides transparency and a historical ledger of verification. The Stellar network provides almost instant and free transactions.


      Build the strength of your TruID with multiple verification levels. Receive bonus WHO tokens for each level of completion. Each level further proves your identity and builds additional trust.

      More about tokens: https://truwho.com/token

      For Businesses
      We make working with and accepting TruID for your business a breeze. From quick and easy incorporation to full integration team assisted API installs, we have you covered.

      Easy Integration
      Not a tech wizard? No problem, we provide simple integrations that don’t even require an account to more robust solutions where you may request whatever information you need from your clients.

      Easy Onboarding
      Drive adoption for your platform with our sign up bonus for all new users and our existing network of verified users.

      Cost Effective
      We provide our partners with one of the most cost effective solutions, partners recieve the lowest prices for fraud and KYC due to our unique resuable identity platform.

      The Vision
      We have assembled a team that believes in the mission of creating something completely new, each with the drive to deliver the best company without compromise.

      No compromise approach to security and service
      In house verification service representatives
      With team members around the world Truwho is working 24/7

      Whitepaper: https://truwho.com/whitepaper.pdf

      Connect with us:

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/truwhocoin
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truwho/
      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/truwho/
      Telegram: https://telegram.me/truwho

      We believe that KYC solutions for crypto should be born from those within the cryptosphere, and follow suit improving upon the systems set forth by the traditional banking systems.

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