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      It is possible to create algorithms that run significantly faster on a quantum computer than a classical computer, due to the unique properties of qubits.

      These algorithms could be used for a number of different scientific and business applications, and will bring many benefits.

      Some of these algorithms have already been tested and proven on prototype quantum computers, but will not be practically useful or economical until larger quantum computers have been built.

      Security of Cryptocurrencies in an Era of Quantum Computers

      Although quantum computers are largely theoretical, some studies show that developments in the quantum computing space double every eighteen months.

      Therefore, it is imperative that the blockchain and cryptocurrency community start preparing for a quantum-supremacy future.

      Notably, quantum computing will impact how information is stored and manipulated.

      Quantum computing will particularly affect those technologies that depend on cryptographic digital signatures for data security, including cryptocurrencies.

      For example, experts agree that users whose jobs are to protect the cryptocurrency algorithms will have to modify their public and private keys once quantum computing becomes more prevalent.

      Currently,public keys on blockchain transactions rely on elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC) for protection.

      USX’s mission is to unite the cryptocurrency community through education and collaboration with researchers and developers to secure and develop the future of quantum-based blockchains.

      USX will create blockchain quantum encryption by leveraging the power of quantum computers. This paves the way for transactions faster than the speed of light, which we will require in the future of space exploration, industry 4.0, and beyond.
      A unified society capable of laying the ground work for the next generation of encryption.

      The USX token will provide many use-cases such as:

      Being a digital currency of the future in which you will be able to transact on the most secured and advanced network,Providing incentives to the community (researchers, developers, creators, learners, and the entire USX community) to work together on the securing our precious blockchains.

      An online education platform

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      Send, receive, and transactions on the most secure and advanced blockchain network.


      Light- speed transactions across astronomical units. utilizing Quantum-Entanglement for Interstellar transactions, Providing technology for future space exploration.


      Utilizing quantum communication to establish a shared key between two parties


      An enhanced network in which computational power evolves at an astronomical rate in contrast to classical computing.


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