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      Think of a risk-free and reliable investment? Why didn’t you join etherhunt’s investment platform? I think it’s a great place to start our investment as they offer each and every one of them a good investment plan.

      Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that people use to invest and buy online. Exchange real currencies such as dollars to buy “coins” or “tokens” of a particular cryptocurrency. This platform offers the best crypto investment plans.

      The website is a place where every one can list literally every project that is somehow related to crypto-currencies. You can’t only list ICOs. Or new smart contracts. You can also list a new game that has in-game crypto-currency and so much more.

      My Neighbor Alice
      Developed by Swedish interactive game studio Antler Interactive, My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain builder game that mixes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with decentralized finance (DeFi).

      In this blockchain game, players build their own virtual land and socialize with other players while performing daily activities and collecting NFTs.

      My Neighbor Alice also features an in-game NFT builder through which users can create NFTs without any prior blockchain knowledge.

      The project has recently formed a partnership with the decentralized auction protocol Bounce Finance. My Neighbor Alice will utilize Bounce’s infrastructure to host an NFT market.

      For their blockchain game, Antler Interactive has also raised $2.1 million in an investment round in January 2021 joined by numerous VC firms and angel investors.
      Mirror Protocol
      Mirror Protocol is a blockchain-based marketplace that offers crypto investors exposure to real-world assets through synthetics. By hosting fungible assets in the form of synthetics, which mirror all kinds of assets, commodities, and currencies in the real world, MIrror Protocol captures a unique market.

      Working similarly as Synthetix, Mirror Protocol features so-called Mirror assets in the form of a token. To create a synthetic asset the user must lock up 150% of the current asset value via either Terra tokens or mAssets.

      Prices are delivered with the help of a decentralized price oracle which updates the market every 30 seconds.

      MCDEX, or Monte Carlo DEX, is a fully functional decentralized exchange for trading

      perpetuals.The creators of MCDEX seek to make DeFi investing more accessible by developing an easy-to-use and secure blockchain-based trading platform.

      Their main product is the Decentralized Perpetual Contract, supported by an AMM, which represents underlying assets. Its architecture is based on preexisting designs of perpetual contracts in the centralized finance sector.

      All trading prices are soft pegged to an assets index price and users can use a maximum leverage of up to 10X on perpetual contracts.

      A remarkable quality of the MCDEX is that it uses an off-chain order book to enhance the exchange’s liquidity supply. The exchange is praised for its security and seamless UX which makes trading in DeFi an easier and simpler experience.

      This is an excellent platform on which they rely on the Ethereum blockchain and sets new standards in both the crypto and financial industries. so this site is wonderfully grateful to make your investment safer and more profitable.

      If you intrresting on this you can simply visit at visit https://www.etherhunt.co

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