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      It is common knowledge that wealth creation where it is effective and sustainable is often a product of investment. It is upon this that a number of organizations have risen up as investment management service providers with the aim of increasing one’s wealth through strategic investments in one or more ventures with the aim of making the profit for their clients.

      On the whole, the successes of such companies have been varied over time and the techniques to achieve these successes have evolved and grown in complexity in the same period. For this reason, it important that one is careful about the kind of organization one chooses to act as an investment broker.

      Taking a step further into the realm of investment management, if you have been on the internet in the last few months to a year, you must have heard of the cryptocurrency space and the tons of money made late last year by individuals who invested in this market. More recently is the fact that there has been increased volatility in the market and people who are not well trained in crypto-investment appear to be losing a great deal of money these days.

      Taking both concepts into play, the emergence of investment management services who balance traditional low-risk investment portfolios with high yield potential of cryptocurrency and start-up investments has been a welcome development in the market. AA Union Capital, an investment fund management company is one of such. The company combines the tried and tested strategies with new high yielding techniques that aims to ensure the safety of their client’s funds while increasing their yield potential considerably.

      [B]What makes AA Union Capital Stand out? [/B]

      After interviewing Vice President Salina Bo, who is in charge of fund investment strategy, has pointed it out that the fund has built a strategy around Multi-Asset investment, with the view to consistently diversify their clients’ portfolio in such a manner that it carries the right risk calculus.  The interesting thing about the AA Union Capital strategy lies in the area of their multiple partnerships and investment portfolios that ensure that clients get a wealth of experience, great opportunities and lowered risk of investment.


      The company’s Multi-Asset strategy allows for investment management using a multi-manager and diversified investment of portfolios approach, with option investment in real estate, infrastructure, equities and fixed income.

      [B]The AA UNION advantage[/B]

      The AA Union has an edge over its competitor and it lies in its approach the fact that it uses the most secure methods and policies available to ensure that their clients’ funds are always safe and read for investor redemption and verification requirements. Using a combination a custody model that protect custodied assets by ensuring that they are never commingled with assets held in customer trading accounts and 100% cold storage which ensures the clients’ crypto assets remain secure.

      Other benefits offered by the AA Union include:

      • Working privately with experienced traders straight through settlement.
      • Access to AA union global network of clients across over 100 countries.
      • Flat rate fees per transaction fixed percentage for escrow service.

      [B]The AA Union Model[/B]


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