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      What is PIVX?

      PIVX is the first truly anonymous PoS crypto-currency by utilizing Zerocoin Protocol as our Transaction Protocol.

      Learn more: https://coins.community/pivx/

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      Actually this PIVX cryptocurrency was launched by two Dash community members in 2016, and they really liked Dash technology but wanted some new changes. But unlike Dash, PIVX can be completely anonymous, preventing blockchain analysis from revealing recipients and senders.

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      PIVX (Private Instantly Verified Transaction) is a propelled type of digital currency like Bitcoin. It is made and held electronically on your PC. There are no concentrated powers over the ‘money’, and they are created not by a legislature or a bank, but rather by sakers and masternode administrators who are remunerated by PIVX’s Seesaw calculation. PIVX is basically simply like Dash, however it additionally has a few changes that enable it to take care of a portion of the issues that have tormented Bitcoin for some time now.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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