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      As I know, this is a real platform to start making real income.

      The Six Capital Network introduces a one-stop place for investors to invest in high-yielding generation protocols.

      What is Six Capital?

      The idea of the Six Capital Project is to invest into high-yield Defi protocols, ensuring a managed portfolio across projects of varying risk.

      Smart Stable Coin Investing

      SIX Capital focuses on growing the treasury by farming in the most trusted protocols in DeFi.

      Unbeatable Yield Potential

      Invest stable coins in-to Six Capital’s Financial multi-chain yield-farming protocol.


      Six Capital aims to combine the returns of DeFi protocols selected by the community, and redistribute the return to you.

      Hassle Free Investing

      Six Capital network introduces a one stop place for investors to invest in high yield generating protocols.

      Secure the Future

      By joining the Six Capital network, you join forces with other investors, pooling your resources to generate high-return rewards.

      Diversified DeFi

      They invest in different DeFi projects like ATLAS, THOR, staking pools, NFT and a host of other carefully curated projects.

      To ensure they live by our community project policy, the selected projects are published within the community discord for a vote before we initiate the investment protocol.

      How It Works

      Six Capital is specially designed to help you start investing into Defi projects easily,

      completed with an investor dashboard.


      Register for an account at Six Capital.

      Add Funds

      Fund your account with USDC/USDT (BEP20).


      Select an investment plan term.


      Watch your investment grow.

      So you are interested in increasing your income Simply visit www https://sixcapital.co

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