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      In the digital world, people are buying crypto and investing their earned money in digital coins. However, The investor can be careful in choosing an exchange platform or wallet to keep their digital coin safe.

      I think they are investing in cryptos for their future or daily transactions. Let I explain the best Peer to Peer exchange platform.

      The Remitano platform is fast growing Peer to Peer exchange with an e-wallet service that you can use to store bitcoin, USTD, Litecoin etc.

      Workflow in remitano exchange

      If you enter into a remitano website, you can log in/register account using e-mail id, user name. After, the login you can see dashboard add a phone number, upload some document like pan card,driving licence for the verification.

      If your document is once verified then you can check status.

      You can see some list of buyer or seller who is willing to sell/buy the crypto in remitano.

      Whether you are not satisfied with the seller or buyer you can create a ads set your crypto price amount, location, payment method.

      Once a seller/buyer has been connected with you, the seller places the crypto to the escrow. Once the buyer completes the payment,he/she send the attachment proof in chat.

      After verified ,The seller wants to click the option “I receive payment” the crypto is released directly from escrow to buyer wallet.

      If the seller never clicks the “I receive payment” option. the buyer can click the option “dispute resolution” to raise this problem to the escrow.

      Fees structure

      The seller can charge 1% transaction fees.

      The is no fees for posting ads.

      If you want to withdrawal or deposit your crypto its reduce.

      1 BTC – 0.001 BTC = 0.999 BTC will send to your wallet

      “The business model is working well in Vietnam,” by CEO of Remitano Mr. Dung Huynh. Then, He said we are moving forward with our business model to reach all trader globally.

      If you want this type of business model to start your business instantly I can suggest you famous software company Sellbitbuy provides exactly remitano clone script with advanced technical features like two-factor authentication,matching order engine etc.

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